Camilla is a practising registered psychologist (psychologist registration number: PSY0001135442) /school counsellor with over 25 years experience. She moved to the Byron Shire in 1994, after 12 months travel, having worked in the Mid-North coast, New England Tableland, Sydney districts prior to the travel.Her passion has been to research techniques to assist the client to release from restricting “issues” to move towards their intended goals as easily and effortlessly as possible.To reach this goal, she has incorporated cutting edge modalities into her “tool box” of therapies such as : Camilla

sound therapy:

sound has a profound effect on our emotions, moods, and general feeling of wellbeing… Remember what your favourite song does to your feelings? and how irritated do we feel when subjected to industrial noise?

Camilla has 9 crystal bowls which create a unique sound that entrains the body, mind and emotions to a state of calmness, clarity, harmony & inner peace.

She trained with Awahoshi Kavan in 1999 and is delighted to be able to offer this gorgeous therapy and be part of a wonderful group of sound therapists.

Sound Therapy

dru yoga & meditation:

these gentle and beautiful movements with affirmations & visualisations release stress from the body to the place where stillness and clarity can open you to your full life’s potential. The meditations are exceptional and profound – leading one to discover our true Self.

Dru Yoga