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crystal bowl sound healing evenings & concerts

dru yoga & meditation classes  –  incorporating crystal bowls for relaxation

doterra essential oil events


crystal  bowl    –    sound  healing  eveningsme & cbs in studio

time:                   from 7:30 to 9:30 pm  –

next date:         wednesday  – december  6th    –   2017

venue:               in my beautiful mud brick studio in myocum,  near mullumbimby,  northern nsw  –  contact me for directions   –      camillanova @

energy exchange:     $10

these evenings are powerful healing events where deep healing and relaxation are possible.  Participants generally lie down in comfort for approximately an hour of pure crystal sound…  and leave shiny eyed,  relaxed,  energy rejuvenated,  emotional issues transformed to equanimity,  the mind achieving stillness,  and totally refreshed physically.  See the Sound Healing page for more information.

If you can make it,  don’t miss it…  the healing powers of the crystal tones create pure sine waves,  that move through the body,  entraining the molecules to vibrate in their original healthy state,  positively influencing your energy levels,  allowing the mind to relax to stillness,  to open the opportunity for deepening meditation,  or just a great night’s sleep afterwards  –  as well as exploring the sound behind the sound of silence…


dru yoga  –  meditation  –    crystal bowls   –   classes:

please inform me if you are coming to yoga classes the day before the class so I can plan moP1380334re effectively…

time:                    on thursdays  –  4 to 6 pm    –    weekly  –   

venue:                 in my beautiful mud brick studio in myocum,   near  mullumbimby,  northern nsw  –   

contact me for directions    –  camillanova @ 

energy exchange:      $15 per class

this is your opportunity to experience the magical,  energising,  heart opening,  inspiring dru yoga classes that are designed to release stress,  stretch & strengthen your muscles & core stability,  improve your flexibility,  build a heightened feeling of positivity,  relax and rejuvenate your whole being….  we use flowing movements that are gentle but strengthening…  no tying ourselves in knots,  which only serves to tense your body further…  

the aim of Dru yoga is to release tension and come to stillness…  this is where the true yoga starts…  the union with the Divine…  Dru explains what the poses are about in relation to the Spiritual Practice…  Divine Union through the physical…  just Divine…  

restorative yoga poses are also explored,  allowing the body to do the work while lying in a supported posture…    and then finishing with relaxation with the crystal bowls…  totally delicious…    😀

participants leave glowing,  feeling uplifted,  sleep better,  physically healthier,  with their emotional issues dissolving into an ocean of bliss…

I modify the asanas and sequences to suit all abilities,  ensuring safety and confidence in all that they can participate according to their capabilities on the day.

please book ahead of time to ensure a place as space is limited   –



doterra pure therapeutic grade essential oils   –

unfortunately you have missed this beautiful training  –   however,  if you would like to have an Aroma Touch treatment,  or like to learn more about it,  or learn how to purchase the oils,  just give me a call to arrange a time  –    0438 844 089

aroma touch - 24.8.14

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