Aurora- Transformation to the Light- CD


A two CD set of the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls.



Sound creation by Camilla Nova

A two CD set of the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls.  Crystal Bowls emit the Pure Tones of Silicon Quartz Crystal.  They are a non-melodious series of tones  –  vibrations that harmonise with our bodies and minds,  and takes us into a deeply relaxed state where deep peace,  healing and inner transformation is possible.

CD 1:  40 minutes of the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls.  This CD emulates a therapy session with the Crystal Bowls.  One note of the Crystal Bowls follows another in a beautiful succession of harmonious tones.

 CD 2:  40 minutes of each individual note of the seven Crystal Bowls  –  i.e. five minutes of each Crystal Bowl.  This is useful for people who wish to listen to specific notes for resolving specific issues,  or who have specific intentions or meditations.


click on the play button for a sound sample of aurora


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