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how crystal singing bowls entrain us with healing vibrations

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Sound Therapy

about the crystal singing bowls

The pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls are an entrancing medium that enhances feelings of deep relaxation,  emotional well being,  inner harmony and contentment.

The sounds seem “non-worldly”,   creating harmonious vibrations that promote feelings of inner freedom from the stress and irritation coming from the everyday environment.

When the body is able to deeply relax,  along with the mind and emotions,  healing is possible,  bringing us back to our true inner state of profound peace and atonement (at-one-ment) with all life.

how crystal singing bowls entrain us with healing vibrations

Sound is pure vibration.  It affects our bodies like all substances we ingest (e.g. food,  medicines,  herbs,  homeopathics, etc)  except that it enters our bodies effortlessly.    It is important what sounds we subject our bodies to  –  beautiful sounds make us feel wonderful  –   industrial noise makes us feel drained and tired.

Crystal Singing Bowls are the vibration of pure quartz crystal.  Like the silicon chip that is the memory in the computer,  when listening to the “Sound of Crystal” one can enhance our own mind’s programming to magnify our intentions.  In addition,  the vibrations of Silicon are a natural substance that enhances the functioning of the physical,  emotional,  mental and spiritual bodies  –  attuning us to the our natural rhythms.

listening to the pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls CDs it is possible to experience:

  • deep inner peaceMeditation Music
  • a deepening of your meditation experience
  • clarity of thought
  • effortless relaxation
  • relief from anxiety
  • release from stress
  • a  good night’s sleep
  • inner contentment
  • physical well-being
  • calm from inner mental chatter
  • emotional peace
  • a feeling of “spiritual” connection
  • enhancement of intentions

what the crystal singing bowls are brilliant for:

the applications of the pure tones of the crystal bowls is only limited to your imagination  –

here are some suggestions and possibilities for the crystal bowls cds   –  do contact me if you have experienced others for me to add here:

  • while meditating  –  to effortlessly allow your mind to come to stillness
    for individual meditations or groups
  • to enhance our intentions.  Just as the silicon chip in our computers  –  the pure tones of the crystal bowls aligns and magnifies what is in our mind.  What do you want to manifest in your life?  Listening to the crystal bowls will assist you to powerfully focus your mind on your intentions.
  • in a relaxation session
  • while doing yoga or similar physical movement
  • while giving or receiving a massage
  • when going off to sleep listen to a Crystal Bowl CD  –  not only will you drift off to sleep effortlessly,  your whole Stress Reliefsystem will be “tuned up” while you sleep,  awakening in the morning refreshed and inspired
    I found that if you put your CD / MP3 player under the bed,  you experience the vibrations deliciously moving through your whole body…  yyuummmmm….
  • in times when you need to concentrate  –  like working on the computer,  contemplating on a project…  whenever you require to focus
  •  to change your mood   –  you will certainly feel a lot calmer and uplifted after listening to the crystal bowls
  • to deal with specific emotional issues  –  e.g. anger,  fear,  grief…  emotions lose their grip when listening to the crystal bowls,  the issue or situation loses its intensity,  and often the positive opposite feeling results or a beautiful release of the emotion,  with a realisation of how to resolve it.
  • to work on any physical issues you may have.  Just like acupuncture,  which works on the energy flows in the body,  crystal bowls penetrate the physical body,  influencing the energy to release blockages and stress to allow energy to flow as it should,  creating wellness on the physical level.  Many people have reported feeling the vibrations in areas of their body that require healing  –  e.g. for broken bones,  in organs that are struggling,  muscles,  etc…  and then finding either during or after the session,  that their issue has improved dramatically.
  • uplifting the energy of your home or office space  –  whatever environment you choose…
    all sound permeates the surrounding area creating an ambiance  –  either of peace and tranquility or the opposite  –  imagine a bell sounding in a Zen Monastery compared to a railway station…
    the crystal bowls certainly create an inviting calm environment.
  • or just wanting to give yourself a mental holiday !!  I often am so sick and tired of all those thoughts rattling around in my head  –  listening to your crystal bowls cd is perfect for giving yourself the space to just STOP the thoughts   –  allowing yourself to come to a deep inner stillness  –  a place where inspiration,  intuition,  and spiritual guidance can all have the opportunity to finally penetrate past the eternal chatter of the mind.

I suggest that you do not listen to the crystal bowls while driving or times when you are needing to be alert  –  for instance,  while using equipment.

common experiences when listening to the pure tones of the crystal singing bowls:

What people experience while listening to the Crystal Sound varies dramatically.  The pure crystal tones affect the brain waves,  heart activity,  other areas of the body, emotions, mind and subtle bodies,  and one can travel into an altered state of consciousness.  Some of the experiences have been:

  • ­    perception of images and / or long forgotten memories surface
  • ­    deep relaxation,  coming back to consciousness remembering nothingCamilla in the desert
  • ­    receiving inspiration and clarity on personal issues or for a project direction
  • ­    feeling strong vibrations in areas requiring physical or emotional healing
  • ­    resolutions of  long held traumas
  • ­    the well – being of the physical body becomes greatly enhanced.  It is as though the body feels “in tune” after a Crystal Sound session,  vibrating in harmony,  allowing the body to heal itself
  • ­    deep sleep is possible for people who experience sleep difficulties
  • ­    feelings of deep inner peace and contentment with life
  • ­    water can also be placed next to the Crystal Bowls or the speakers while the Crystal Bowl CD is playing.  Drinking the water enhances the effect of the healing vibrations in the body

Following listening to a live presentation or a crystal bowl CD,  drink plenty of pure water.  It is recommended that participants bathe in water with sea or rock salt before eating,  to promote holistic rejuvenation.  After bathing,  eat high potassium foods,  such as  apricots,  avocados,  bananas,  brown rice  etc.  It is essential  not to drink alcohol, or use any non-prescription drugs on the days when listening to the Crystal Bowls.


how can I get to listen to these amazing pure tones of the crystal singing bowls?

There are three possibilities  crystal bowls in GCto be able to listen to the crystal bowls:

  1. by attending one of the beautiful presentations that I offer  –  see the events page
  2. by booking  a private session  –  which I offer in my gorgeous mud brick studio in Myocum
    at a time convenient to us both  –   ring or email to make an appointment
    energy exchange is $180 for 2 hours
    this includes a psychological analysis of your situation &  therapy suggestions  –
    including psychological and physical techniques which will allow you to easily release the emotions / issues challenging  you
    and a transformational crystal bowl session of 50 minutes duration  –   which will bring you to a state of deep relaxation physically,  releasing stress & tension,    bringing calm and equanimity to emotions,  & clarity to thought…  just magical…   You will go home with your burdens released,  with clarity for your new direction,  and a plan for how to sustain it.
  3. by purchasing and listening to one of the crystal bowl CD’s  –
    there are 5 available   –   see the inspiring CD’s page
    the CD’s are designed to uplift your emotions and spirit,  create deep relaxation,  and have all the properties of a live performance


youtube videos of crystal singing bowl presentations & interviews

there have been several presentations and an interview which have been posted on youtube…   where you can experience the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls…

this is a recent interview Cameron Monley (from the Infinite Connection) and I did following a beautiful presentation  –

Cameron and mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JVPlpHtmjc






Lauren Tauber filmed and edited a presentation on 4th September, 2012,  at ou

r Yoga Psychology Sangha meeting   –  which was held in my mud brick studio.  The link is:








the other presentation was with my dear friend Jayavinda,  at the beautiful home of Cameron Monley on the Gold Coast a number of years ago:

part 1  –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN_0gbK-J_k

part 2  –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXdQgwiVjN8&feature=channel&list=UL

part 3  –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_OS_SD4Y2I&feature=channel&list=UL

Camiilla & Jayavinda

the pure tones of the crystal bowl penetrate into the core of our being

releasing us from the past

empowering us to live & love in the present

creating inspiration for the future